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Marilyn Sandroni built Baldwin Realty on honesty, integrity and a desire to help get her sellers the most money for their house. She believes it is also the realtor’s job to reduce as much stress as possible and make the closing a pleasant event.


Selling your home is one of the largest financial transactions of a person’s life. For the family selling a home, there are many evolving facets to consider and in most cases could very well turn to be a huge emotional undertaking. Each one of our professional team of hand picked agents strive to provide answers to your questions and explain the process of selling your home in a timely manner.

Another Happy Client
Another Happy Client

In lieu of the fact that we have sold hundreds of properties, we thoroughly understand the intricacies of the process and will advise you at each progressive stage along the journey, commencing of course, at the anticipated plateau. Nothing is spared in every effort to share our knowledge with you and relieve you of the undue anxiety is a priority within this whole process.


A Brief Summary of the Process

Review of the specified property by a Baldwin Realty Agent. Before we know what price the house, we look at the entire property, then we develop a unique marketing report for the house and the seller. After reviewing the marketing plan, both agent and seller sign commitments to sell the house for the highest possible price. This is an extremely exciting process as we have already assessed and have already begun working behind the scenes to prepare for just this special moment.

Staging and Photos are next

With advice on staging and “hands on” help to organize we are by your side as you prepare the house to sell. We work with other professionals who can help organize, clean, organize, paint and provide additional services for

Staging and Photos
Staging and Photos

preparation. The house is then staged and the professional photographs are taken. A virtual tour and still shots area added to the websites and the listing is created and launched on the internet.Potential buyers will contact the office just as outside agents will call us for an appointment to show your house.


Request an Open House

At this time you may request an Open House. Once offers are received on the house and all of the pre-qualifications are reviewed, we meet with the owner and review all of this information. At this time a decision is then made to accept an offer only if the seller believes it is what they truly want.

Our advice and trust is critical, especially at this point. It is our most powerful and

Tranquility is Essential

valuable asset. In addition, it is also a fantastic time to speak with your real estate attorney regarding any legal advice and counsel you may require. Once the seller accepts an offer the buyer will most likely decide to have a home inspection performed. As always a representative of Baldwin Realty will be at your side in attending this inspection.


Next, the seller’s attorney will send contracts to the buyer’s / purchaser’s attorney. The buyer / purchaser will review all the contracts with their attorney and council, provide a down payment and signature all of the relative contracts. The signed contracts and the down payment will be returned to the seller’s attorney.

Once the seller signs the contracts, a fully executed copy is returned to the buyer’s attorney. At this point….


We make the experience pleasant and simple
“We make selling your home a pleasant and simple experience… Congratulations to you!”

Next, the buyer will apply for the mortgage financing and the bank will order a bank appraisal.As always, a representative of Baldwin Realty will meet with the appraiser. Once the appraisal is complete and the buyer submits the requested documentation, the bank then issues a mortgage commitment. We are getting closer to the closing! It may be time to start packing. (You should be very excited!)

Our agents will assist you with any charitable donations you may have to offer.

The final step is…

The Title Review

This is done by all the attorneys (buyers, sellers and financial institutions). When all the conditions on the commitment are met and cleared, the attorney will ask the buyer and seller for a closing date. A day or two before the closing date, the buyer will walk through and examine the house. If the seller wants to attend they are more than welcome to attend. This is the perfect time to point out and draw attention to the stand out features and characteristics of the house and elaborate a bit about them. You are able to assist in making the experience a pleasant passing on of the property. The Baldwin Realty representatives will be there, right by your side as well. If for any reason the seller does not or cannot attend the walk through it is non essential that they be present.


The Closing

The documents are signed, the payments are given, the new deed is created and the ownership of the house passes from one owner to the next.

Here are the keys...
Here are the keys…



At this point…. The keys to the house are then passed to the new owner and a new chapter in everyone’s life begins. (Hooray for YOU!)